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Growing up on Long Island and living in Oceanside for over
47 years, I was born in the state of Illinois on the campus of
the University of Chicago. I come from a middle class family
that have traditional values. Both my parents were born and
raised in Brooklyn and my grandparents migrated from Spain
and the Middle East. I am married to my beautiful wife Kim.  
I enjoy classical music, Opera, the Arts, and good intriguing
mysteries. I have vacationed around the globe a few times
and enjoy skydiving, scuba, running, swimming, and learning
to fly planes. I own a microscope and would favor in viewing
slides and listening to music than to sit and watch television.
In 1997, my United States Design Patent was published (D
392,592) and have a Copyright at  the Library of Congress
for a U.S. Copyright VA-1-215-889.


Shortly after obtaining a high school diploma I entered the
service and obtained four honorable discharges three being
from the United States Army and one being from the United
States Marine Corp. Spanning a period of over twenty-eight
years, I worked the fields of Satellite Communications and
Medical Specialist, Infantry, Safety, Military Police and
Human Resource. In 1999, my application at Golden Gate
Law School was denied claiming the GPA and LSAT scores
could use some improvement. I then applied at The Hague
Academy of International Law in the Netherlands and
Medical School in Moscow Russia and was gratefully
accepted to both. Upon completion of the courses at The
Hague, I attended the fall semester of Medical school. I
voluntarily concluded my studies after the fall semester and
returned to the United States seeking full time employment.     


My Graduate thesis work pertains to geopolitics and the
formation of International boundaries. It compares the
characteristics of a nation to the provisions of their particular
state and their borders. This unequivocal paradox is deeply
rooted in most countries today and has been the source of
major unrest globally. We should look not for world
dominance or collective security, but for a systematic analytic
approach to problem solve the inconsistency of this
predicament. Arguments emphasize that market dominance of
ethnic minorities may have and effect on this occurrence.
Claiming that market dominance and democracy contrast and
differ on views concerning global affairs.    


Presently I serve as a Chief Warrant Officer in U.S. Army.I
have been working full time for the past nine years as a
civilian U.S. Government employee at the National Archives
and Records Administration as an Archives Technician. I was
at work in Lower Manhattan the morning (0700) of
September 11, 2001 not far from where the World Trade
Center stood. I am an active member of the Hague Academy
Alumni Attendees of International Law, American Political
Science Association, and have attended the American
Society of International Law (ASIL) conference at the Le’
fant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. the past two years.
Joe and Kim Majid
My wife Kim Majid